Post Rock Repeater System - KØMXJ

Welcome to KØMXJ – The Post Rock System

Post Rock is the new alias for a group of linked amateur repeaters owned by NV8Q, N7KLR, K0JWH, N0SGK and N5NIQ. The formation of this system marks the return to a smaller network of repeaters, a manageable geographical scope and a focus on local communications.

Post Rock repeaters are located in and provide coverage for these counties in Kansas:

  • Ottawa (via Minneapolis 444.850 and 147.225)
  • Ellsworth (via Ellsworth 444.775)
  • Lincoln (via Lincoln remote receiver for Minneapolis 147.225)
  • Saline (via Salina remote receiver for Minneapolis 147.225 which will be put into service in 2023)
  • McPherson (via McPherson 444.600 [linked] and 147.195 [not linked])
  • Butler (via El Dorado 443.100)

The remaining repeaters from the legacy K-Link system are still linked to Post Rock until the new principals of that group can facilitate linking their repeaters outside of Post Rock.

Notice regarding the use of Allstar: Post Rock is still using AllstarLink to facilitate linking El Dorado into Post Rock. While it is permissible for other Allstar nodes to link into Post Rock to make contacts, we do NOT welcome or allow full-time or long-term Allstar connections from repeaters or networks into Post Rock. Please disconnect when you’re finished with your conversation. It should be more than obvious that we’re not trying to re-create K-Link again.