Post Rock Repeater System - KØMXJ

Update on El Dorado 443.100

4/1/2023 Update:

Another trip to the site today to install the “new” Raspberry Pi with Allstar. As of now El Dorado is linked with Post Rock!

Here’s an update to the total parts/labor/travel expenses detailed below:

  • $45 Raspberry Pi 3
  • Two trips to the site: 456 miles driven
  • 8 hours of field labor
  • 2 hours of bench labor
  • $1145 total repair.

This can be paid in full before anybody starts talking about how “we” did such-and-such with “our” repeater.

Original post:

A visit to the El Dorado site yesterday revealed that the Raspberry Pi which hosts AllstarLink has been damaged by lightning. I’m working on getting a replacement Pi ready and plan to restore the link soon.

For those of you who are suddenly concerned about repeaters and what it takes to maintain a linked system, etc. might like to know what this repair entails thus far:

  • $45 Raspberry Pi 3 damaged (original price from 5 years ago)
  • Trip to investigate the problem: 228 miles driven
  • 4 hours of labor

That’s roughly $100 in expenses plus $400 labor.

Oh…. and has anyone actually looked at Raspbery Pi prices lately?

I take Venmo and Paypal if anybody wants to actually support this repair.

Venmo: @celltech161