Post Rock Repeater System - KØMXJ

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Immediately after getting the Ellsworth link radio working again a new problem emerged. The Russell 147.285 repeater is occasionally “hearing itself” and was occasionally locking up the system with noise. I made a site visit today and took the 147.285 Read more…

As we go into storm season I wanted to give everyone an overview on the internet connection at the Post Rock hub repeater site as it pertains to AllstarLink and Skywarn operations so everyone will know what to expect. About Read more…

A visit to the El Dorado site yesterday revealed that the Raspberry Pi which hosts AllstarLink has been damaged by lightning. I’m working on getting a replacement Pi ready and plan to restore the link soon. For those of you Read more…

The Ellsworth 444.775 repeater link to Minneapolis 444.850 has been repaired and put back into service.

The low power output on the Minneapolis 147.225 has been corrected and the voter receiver at Lincoln has been put back online. This repeater is now 100% functional.

The El Dorado 443.100 AllstarLink node needs repaired. The repeater is stand-alone until repairs are made. Plans are underway to get this working in April.

The Salina 442.200 repeater has been off the air for several months after a system board failure. Plans have been made to replace the repeater in 2023. Watch this website for updates.

Today McPherson 147.195+ (D162) K0MXJ was powered back up at a site near McPherson. This repeater is stand-alone and has generator backup power.